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Reclaimed Heirloom or Commissioned Art Quote Requests

Do you have a heirloom piece or a commissioned painting you would like Christina to paint for you? Email us for a quote with the form below. 

Please include the following information:

For Reclaimed Heirloom Furniture:

  • The Reclaimed Heirloom type (i.e. 3 dresser drawer, dinning table etc.)
  • Approximate size dimensions in inches (i.e. Length, Width, Height, Depth)
  • Short description of what you would like to Reclaimed Heirloom to look like (i.e. colors, style etc.)
  • A picture of the Reclaimed Heirloom Piece
  • A Contact number that we can reach you at

For a Commissioned Painting:

  • Approximate size dimensions in inches/feet (i.e. Length and Width)
  • A digital picture (file format JPEG with highest resolution possible) of the item to be painted
  • A Contact number that we can reach you at

Please allow 2-3 business days to get back to you with a quote.